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Charlie Will Fight For You!

Charles Hudson Cauble, P.C.
Hi, I'm Charlie Cauble, and I want to lead your fight for justice.
I stand up every day to prevent injustice for my clients facing the most difficult challenges in their life.
Let me fight for you!!!

We Specialize In:

  • Criminal Defense

  • I have fought and won for my clients faced with criminal charges ranging from murder to minor traffic offenses.


    My trial experience and success in defending my clients is second to none.


    We specialize in defending clients accused of a wide range of offenses, including: drug possession (possession, trafficking), crimes against persons (murder, assault, battery, domestic violence, weapons), crimes against property (robbery, burglary, theft), child sexual abuse (molestation, sodomy, exploitation, pornography, battery, enticement), rape, and gang-related offenses.


  • Personal Injury

  • You have been hurt and it is not your fault. Being injured is painful and life changing. You need to focus on recovering while we handle your personal injury claim every step of the way.


    We will fight for every source of compensation available to you under the law.


    We can even help find the right treatment providers for your unique injuries.

    We specialize in: auto accidents, tractor trailer collisions, and premise liability, slip and falls, dog bite injuries, and all injuries caused by unsafe or defective conditions on someone else’s property.


  • DUI

  • If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence, timing is of the essence.


    Not only do we vigorously defend the criminal charge, we also help you keep your driver’s license throughout the process.


    Did you know that an administrative hearing suspension of your driver’s license is initiated once you’re charged with a DUI? We will guide you through the process to help you maintain a valid driver’s license.


    Call me today, so we can protect your privilege to drive and help you defend this very serious and potentially life changing allegation.


We’ll Get You Results!

Your Team.

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Charlie Cauble

Experienced trial attorney with proven results!
caublelawfirm – team member – crystal sunday – 500x750px – 50pct – 20171014_2056

Crystal Sunday

Office manager and your first line of defense!
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Melvin Thomas

Investigator and jury consultant.

We’re Here For You.

Call Charlie Cauble at 678.712.3466


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